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About Me

Eve Crystal


Aromatherapy SPA Dip
Reflexology BSR Dip
Adv Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy & Neurolinguistic Programming BHR Dip
Clinical & Scientific Dowsing 
Further & Adult Education Teacher's Certificate C & G 

Reiki II Healing

Research and Experience:-

Flower Remedies

Colour Therapy
Crystal Therapy
Sound Healing
Eve began her career in Complementary Therapy in 1987 when whe trained as a Reflexologist and became an Aromatherapist in 1989.  Later qualifying as an Advanced Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and N.L.P. Practitioner in 1993.  Adding Clinical and Scientific Dowsing in 1992 and Reiki in 1998.

Eve was one of the early pioneering Complementary Therapists in the 80's that helped to bring Complementary Therapies to the public attention, at a time when most people were unaware of Aromatherapy or Reflexology.

After many years working in her Practice Eve joined eleven other Therapists and, together, helped found one of the first Doctor Only referral Complementary Therapy Centres in the U.K.

Eve also helped to lecture and promote this new Clinic to Doctors in Local Hospitals and to local Industry in Northamptonshire - continuing to give talks to W.I's in Leicestershire as well as working in a Northampton Hospice.

Eve was also one of the pioneering Therapists to help set up one of the first A.I.D's centres - where young men could receive Complementary Therapies for free - in the basement of a Wellingborough Church.
Eve's work and research continued into the vibrational healing fields of Flower Remedies, Colour Healing, Crystal Therapy and Sound Healing. 

She has became more and more interested in the higher vibrations of Essential Oils and their more subtle aspects of healing.

Eve is currently working on her new book -
"AromaRainbow - 
       a Bridge from Where are today 
       to Where you want to be Tomorrow!"

exploring the scientific concepts of vibrational healing and the amazing capacity of the mind, body and spirit to heal itself.

AromaRainbow - the Chart - is a visual representation of AromaRainbow - the Book, as well as a stand alone self-healing tool that can be used by anyone who wishes to create empowering experiences and personal transformation. 

Eve works full time in promoting and teaching AromaRainbow, both locally and nationally.

Workshops on AromaRainbow available.  

Please telephone Eve for dates and venues on 01792 233308
or email
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