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How to Use AromaRainbow

Embrace evocative fragrances
 and dynamic colours
 to create
empowering  experiences
personal transformation!


How to use the AromaRainbow Chart


1.  Study the AromaRainbow Chart and notice which segment you are drawn to and choose the feeling in the outer circle that you would like to experience more of. 
2. Smell the suggested Essential Oils and choose the one that you like the most. Check the important precautions listed below.

3. Put 2 drops of your chosen Essential Oil on cotton wool, or put rollerball on wrist pulse point.  Inhale gently for a few minutes whilst focusing on the picture on the card and it’s colour.

4. Vocalise your intention by adding the feeling that you aspire to and saying "I am now feeling more ………. and more ………. is flowing through me right now". 

 5. For example if you had chosen the emotion Joy and the essential oil Bergamot you would inhale Bergamot whilst saying "I am now feeling more joyful and more joy is flowing through me right now".

6. Repeat the above several times a day, adding 2 drops of essential oil to the cotton wool each day, over the next 11 days.

7. Write down your new thoughts and inspirations each day for 11 days and then for the rest of the month.

8. Notice new thoughts and changes taking place in your life.

9. Act upon these new ideas and enjoy the process, knowing you have choices and that you can create a happier and more fulfilling way of being.         


         Enjoy these new beginnings.  

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