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What is AromaRainbow?


  • We are what we think.
  • What we think arouses feelings and emotions.
  • We experience life through our feelings. 
  • What if we can create the feelings we desire by using our sensory system and our imagination?


AromaRainbow is a simple, self-help therapy that can be used by anyone, anywhere to lift their emotions. 

This new therapy is suitable for self-discerning people of all ages and anyone who works with people, be it in industry or in the care and therapy professions.

All will find this is a helpful therapy tool to enhance the life experiences of oneself and the people you care for, to lift people through adversity and to help create the experiences they desire.

Scents and aroma are very evocative and can instantly transport you into powerful feelings and emotions.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils, e.g. Lavender has the ability to create peaceful serenity, joyful harmony and gently balancing the emotions; even taking us back into the past and remembering Granny smelling of Lavender and the same feelings! 

Rosemary pierces through apathy and stimulates and energises clarity of thought and empowering feelings of creativity.

AromaRainbow uses 11 essential oils in the Chart:-

Bergamot, Frankincense, Juniper Berry, Lavender,  Mandarin, Neroli, Peppermint, Rose, Rosemary, Rosewood, and Ylang Ylang. 

You can  use the chart using a choice of just 5 essential oils:-  Bergamot, Lavender, Mandarin, Peppermint and Rosemary.

Colour permeates every level of your being and has a profound effect on how you feel and experience life.

We use colour in our language - "red rag to a bull", "feeling blue", "off colour", "in the pink" - these all represent colourful feelings!

Even Hospitals and Healing Institutions are painted with the carefully chosen colours to create healing atmospheres.  Even clothes that we wear can affect our mood! 

By focusing on different colours we can affect how we feel and create the emotions of our choice.

AromaRainbow uses the Rainbow colours of :-
                     Red, Orange, Yellow,
                     Green, Blue, Indigo,
                     Violet and Magenta.


Thoughts and emotions create energy - energy creates the manifestation of your thoughts!

The AromaRainbow Chart uses these emotions:-

Stimulated, Energised, Empowered; Spontaneous, Passioinate, Creative; Accepting, Outgoing, Confident; Trusting, Balanced, Nurturing; Forgiving, Understanding, Focused; Optimistic, Spiritual, Inspired; Peaceful, Harmonious, Joyful; and Loving.

By using the AromaRainbow chart to focus on choosing how you wish to feel, and vocalising your intention - the subsequent thoughts, insights and inspirations generated bypass the logical, thinking mind - putting you more in touch with your intuition and inner being.

Subsequent "synchronicities" come into your life and it becomes more apparent that you really are the creator of your own reality.

You can change your reality by changing your mind.

My desire for you all is that AromaRainbow inspires you towards a more creative lifestyle and a more loving perception of your own ability to direct your life along the pathways of your choosing.

So open those windows of possibilities, embrace with love your ability to activate empowering feelings of your choice and discover that the loving expression of your heart's desire is to create, create, create!

I lovingly offer this work to you as the expression of my own joyful creativity.

                      AromaRainbow -
        a bridge from where you are today
        to where you want to be tomorrow!

 I trust that the simplicity of AromaRainbow will encourage you to take more delight in your senses, awareness and insight. 

That the joining together of the exquisite aroma of flowers and plants with the beauty of colour; your own natural ability to delight in your insights, inspirations and understandings; and the special time to go within, will enhance the experiences in your life and the colourful expression of your own reality!

Let your journey begin! 

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